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Why you should do business with us:

Key Benefits

bulletLower your costs through outsourcing
bulletFlexible arrangements -- you pay for what you use
bullet"Fortune 500" capabilities without having to staff for it
bulletInternet access for all your computers through a central connection
bulletLeveraging the Internet to your business's advantage


A forty-year career in information technology, from mainframe systems to heterogeneous client server networks is the source of our expertise. Formal vendor training, coupled with years of hands on experience provides the technical backbone of our business. Our Principal has been a technician, a manager, and a technology innovator for a Fortune 40 company for over two decades. He has managed diverse projects including major network and mainframe upgrades, and moving an entire data center. He has built and administrated Windows Domain and UNIX networks, including corporate Intranets and commercial web sites. And he has designed both local and wide area networks for a company with operations in India and Mexico, as well as virtual private networks for local companies.

In addition to his corporate experience, our Principal has had an independent consulting business for over 16 years.

We will be there when you need us.
Quality oriented
We believe that there is only one goal in business: Customer satisfaction!

If you wish further information about our services, please contact us either by snail mail or by phone.


Zoes Network Consulting


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