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ZoeS Network Consulting is a provider of computer networking support and services. We provide consulting, installation, and outsourcing services for new and existing networking operations.

Services we provide:

bulletSize and design Local Area Networks for small and medium size businesses. We use "twisted pair" and wireless Ethernet and FastEthernet technologies.
bulletWide Area Network design for medium size businesses with multiple locations.
bulletVoice over IP
bulletVirtual Private Networking
bulletEnterprise Internet Connections
bulletOn-site and remote support, a customized service plan to meet your needs
bulletInternet presence, including web site construction and maintenance, and email.
bulletIntranet creation and support.
bulletFirewalls, antivirus, and security
bulletNetwork support outsourcing.
bulletCustomized services, including backup and recovery, and System Administration.

We will build the network that meets YOUR needs, and we will support it!


What are the benefits of doing business with us?





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